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English Teacher

Date Updated: Mar 08, 2017 13:00

Employer:Best Learning -Shenyang   

Company type : Private Industry type : Education/Training/Universities and Colleges
Work City : Heping,Shenyang Job Category : Education/Translation
Salary Range : 13000 - 18000 CNY /Month No. Hiring : 5
Work Experience : 1-1 year(s) Job Type : Full Time

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         Organization Overview
         Best Learning-Shenyang (BLS) is a high-end English training-center in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Our school is a franchise of Best Learning. Our school shares the name, but differs greatly from our namesake!
         BLS teaches English through a PK-Grade 6 program. Our classes are based on the American Primary School system.
         We are currently seeking passionate teachers to instruct students between the ages of three and thirteen.
         Students use an innovative and immersive McGraw-Hill program as the main curriculum to provide an engaging and effective learning experience in the classroom.

         BLS strives to be the best English-language school in Shenyang. To do this, we require our teachers to be well-trained, enthusiastic, and committed to our school’s vision.
         New teachers undergo initial training that includes an overview of our school and its’ goals, an introduction to BLS’ curriculum, and functional training to prepare new teachers for their first lessons in the classroom.
         New teachers also learn about our teaching methodologies, interactive white boards and educational technologies, and learn to write effective lesson plans upon arrival.
         Both training and learning are on-going processes throughout your contract at BLS!
        Position Requirements
         Passion for working with young learners
         Enthusiastic, open-minded, and flexible workers
         North American applicants only, please
         Bachelor’s degree
         22-35 years of age
         Two years of work experience (preferred)
         Able to commit to a 15-month contract
         100-hour TESOL program (may be completed during probationary period)

        Salary Package
        The cost of living in Shenyang is extremely low and BLS’ salary package is on par with larger, more expensive cities in China. You will be able to save money, and can live off of as little as 3,000 RMB per month.
         1. Compensation: The first two months will be at a rate of 9,000 RMB and will be the employee’s probationary period.
        employee’s salary will raise to 11,000 RMB monthly. Those teaching a fifth class will receive an extra 2,000 RMB per month (prorated)*. Payroll is processed before the 13th of every month (for the previous month). Housing Assistance: Housing will be provided by the employer; the employee is responsible for utilities. The employer agrees to arrange for a suitable living arrangement. Additionally, the employee must pay a 2,000 RMB deposit on their apartment. If the contract is not fulfilled, the employee forfeits this deposit.
         2. Visa Reimbursement: The employee will be responsible for their physical fee in China. The Company will pay for the employee’s visa application fee while in China. This will include transportation and the application fee.
         3. Hours: The employee will have a set weekly schedule consisting of a maximum of 25 teaching hours. Up to an additional 13 hours may be required for classroom preparation. Total of 38 working hours per week, not including lunch and dinner.
         4. Time Off: The employee will have paid Chinese national holidays off, as well as additional days off around Christmas and New Years. (All holidays are paid at 50% of regular salary.) The employee will also have an additional 7 days paid vacation and 3 paid sick days. Additional personal time off will be cut from the base salary (prorated). These additional holiday and sick days are subject to approval and the company’s policy.
         5. Term: The terms of this contract are for 15 months from the start date. If 15 months is fulfilled and the employee renews the contract with the company, they will receive an additional bonus of 4,000 RMB and the employee’s salary may increase 10% for the first renewal, and 5% for the second renewal. The employee will also receive a bonus of 4,000 RMB upon completion of six months of the contract and a bonus of 8,000 RMB upon the completion of 15 months.
         6. Health Insurance: BLS foreign staffs are to receive Chinese national insurance in compliance with local law.
         7. Termination: The employer reserves the right to terminate an employee’s contract if any contract terms are violated. The employee also reserves the right to terminate his/her contract. However, in order for the employee to receive their salary,they must notify the company 45 business days in advance.
         8. Airfare Reimbursement: Upon the completion of the contract terms, the employee will receive airfare compensation of 7,000 RMB. If the terms of this contract are not fulfilled, then the airfare reimbursement is void from this contract.
         9. Probation: The first two months from the start date will be a probation period.
        Why Best Learning-Shenyang?
        Teaching English in Shenyang will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and be simultaneously immersed in an ancient culture with one of the world’s fastest growing economies.
        Working at BLS provides great job experience for any future career—leadership, writing and editing, teaching, and management skills are all fostered and developed.
        The salary package for Foreign Teachers is enough to live comfortably in Shenyang, can be saved over the duration of the fifteen-month contract, and can be used to travel around the world during vacations and holidays.
        In order to maintain the same standard of life (based on the Consumer Price Index) as you would have with 11,000 RMB per month in Shenyang, you would need*:
        13,181.83 RMB per month in Guangzhou
        21,034 RMB per month in Beijing
        21,188.87 RMB per month in Shanghai
        Best Learning - Shenyang is a team. Beyond a team, we are a family. Outside of work, teachers from BL hang out, travel, and experience nuances of China together. We are not independents. When you first arrive to BLS, you think you are on your own. What you don’t know is the family that is waiting for you. BLS is a wonderful company, full of amazing students and staff. The idea of finding a better school, with an incredible sense of unity, is impossible.

        Job ID: 1354539660

        Reminder: It is illegal for employers to offer or receive any money from candidates. Please be vigilant againstany monetary offers!

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