Part-time Native Audio Labeler [United States] Part-time Native Audio Labeler [United States]
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Date Updated:Jun 11
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Recruiter: Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd
  • Work City : United States
  • Salary Range : 200 - 500 CNY /Day
  • Work Experience :No Experience
  • Job Type :Part Time,Remote
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In short, we are looking for native speakers of Japanese, Korean, German, French (France), Spanish (Mexico),English to perform audio labeling tasks.

Project overview:

——按标注的音频数量计费,每 100 条提交结算一次工作量
——根据工作量估算,线上标注一天可获得 200-500 元的酬劳

——Listen to the audio and judge the quality of the audio, whether it conforms to the native pronunciation habits, and rate it;
——For audio with a low rating, it is necessary to describe the problems existing in the audio.
——This project is an online job that can be completed remotely at home
——The billing is based on the number of labeled audio, and the workload is settled once every 100 submissions.
——Based on the workload estimate, the online labeling can earn 200-500 yuan per day.

Application requirements:

1. 申请人必须为测评语种的母语人员,本批次项目涉及语种为日语,韩语,德语,法语(法国),西班牙语(墨西哥),英语;
Applicants must be native speakers of the evaluated language. The languages involved in this batch of projects are Japanese, Korean, German, French (France), Spanish (Mexico),English;

2. 申请人需要提交一段自我介绍音频,以便我们完成资质验证。
Applicants need to submit a self-introduction audio so that we can complete the qualification verification.

Recording requirements and sequence of self-introduction audio:

整个音频的录制时间至少 20s,不用太长,也不能太短;

The first paragraph: record the date of the day;
The second paragraph: personal name, native speaker of which country;
The third paragraph: personal hobbies, etc.;
The recordingtimeof the entire audio should be at least 20s, not too long or too short;
Native speakers of Portuguese in Brazil, French, Korean, German and Indonesian need to first give a self-introduction in their mother tongue, and then give an English self-introduction again in the above order (with bilingual ability).


1. 填写项目报名表中的信息;
Fill in the information in the project registration form;
2. 提交自我介绍音频;
Submit a self-introduction audio;
3. 填写完报名表后通过链接后的二维码进入项目工作群;
After filling out the registration form, enter the project work group through the QR code after the link;
4. 注册项目结算平台账号,完成实人认证与收款账户绑定;
Register an account on the project settlement platform, complete real-name authentication and binding of the receiving account;
5. 开始工作。
Start working.

We have a system and platform to complete the task, to ensure that your work load settlement is open and transparent, so you don't have to worry about not getting the response to the work.

We have our own project settlement platform, where you can see the projects you accept and the corresponding remuneration, as well as the time of remuneration distribution.

注:本项目的薪酬发放为按月结算,次月 15 号发放薪资。外籍人士需要通过护照完成实人认证,并绑定海外银行卡或支付宝,保证资金流动畅通。
Note: The payment of this project is settled monthly, and the salary will be paid on the 15th of the following month. Foreigners need to complete real-name authentication through a passport and bind an overseas bank card or Alipay to ensure smooth fund flow.

{Please note that this link is the link of the domestic questionnaire platform, and there may be a situation where it cannot be linked when accessed from the external network. Please try to copy the link to the computer, or click after using the VPN.}

Job highlights
Work from home opportunities Flexible working hours
• Spanish, Native • French, Native • English, Native
  • About us
    Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd. is a new-type language service provider driven by innovative Internet management and information technology, and dedicated to becoming the customer’s virtual language departments (VLD) and multi-lingual platform, allowing customers to use their mother tongue to directly communicate with the world. Transn aims to reduce the customer’s monetary and time costs to the maximum, enhance their international competitiveness, and help Chinese enterprises implement the globalization strategy.
  • Address: Building B2, Zone B, Future City, 999 Gaoxin Avenue, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Hubei View in map
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